Virus infections, blood clots and bleeding

What do Ebola, Dengue Fever, Lassa Fever, or other hemorrhagic fevers, that often inspire Hollywood productions, have in common with respiratory viruses, such as influenza or Sars-Cov2?

 Listen to Dr Marco Goeijenbier, intensivist at Spaarne Hospital in Haarlem and ESWI Board Member, expertly explain the complications due to changes in the coagulation system ranging from blood clotting to bleeding. Furthermore, in this captivating account, Marco describes why complications associated with virus infections seem to affect certain risk groups more than others. He clarifies what a super infection is and gives a reflection of how the Covid pandemic personally affected him working in an ICU.

Marco Goeijenbier
Marco Goeijenbier
ESWI Board member, Spaarne Hospital, The Netherlands