Misconceptions about influenza vaccination

Common cold

“The flu is just a common cold!”

Why is this a misconception?

Welcome to the website of the European Scientific Working group on Influenza (ESWI), a partnership of influenza scientists and stakeholder organizations who aim to reduce the burden of influenza in Europe.

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  • Fifth ESWI Influenza Conference: final programme ready

    31 August 2014

    Five excellent and innovative Late Breakers have been added to the programme of the Fifth ESWI Influenza Conference, the largest European scientific conference dedicated to influenza. In keeping with the conference's high scientific standards, ESWI is proud to present its scientifically appealing final programme of keynote lectures, symposia, breakfast meetings, Young Scientist lectures and sessions on parallel tracks, covering the entire field of influenza. The conference also has a separate track for public health officials, which aims to translate the latest scientific data and insights into daily policy practice. The final conference programmes are available here.

  • ESWI is a true network of partner organizations

    27 June 2014

    ESWI focuses on structural collaboration with organizations in the influenza field to achieve its aim to reduce the burden of influenza in Europe and to raise awareness about the disease's possible public health hazards. In fact, ESWI has built an influenza coalition of about twenty organizations and continues to expand its network with relevant partners. ESWI's structure, strategy and activities are now captured in an attractive new leaflet. Click here to download. 

  • Science Policy Interface: final programme now ready

    9 April 2014

    Influenza remains a source of public health concern. It is high time to discuss the latest scientific advances as well as the most efficient management strategies for pandemics and annual influenza outbreaks. Public health officials, policy makers and influenza experts are therefore kindly invited to join their colleagues in the Science Policy Interface at the Fifth ESWI Influenza Conference.

    The separate SPI programme is specifically designed to bridge the gap between science and health policy. In seven sessions, the world's leading experts will ‘translate’ the newest scientific data into daily policy practice. The final programme brochure is available here. Registration and information: www.eswiconference.org.

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